What is it? Answers LXXIX

Friday, August 26, 2005

436. Haven't been able to verify what this is,

here are the guesses so far:

-note holder
-static electricity dischargers
-puncture test tool
-grandfather's clock mechanism
-weights for the scales of justice
-for electrical experiments
-tester for finding the hardness of optical pitch
-spindle for paper
-for making indentations in metal
-standard lightning rod balls and needles
-for gravity experiments
-desk decoration

437. Golf tee

438. A froe, this tool is used for splitting out shingles and barrel staves. The blade is intended to split rather than cut, it's struck with a froe club after being placed along the grain of the workpiece.

439. Motion detector, found mounted on a stairway wall in the building where I work.

440. Hiller Atom Ray Gun

441. Lawn mower

Here is a similar one called Montamower, thanks to William for sending this ad to me:

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